Frequently Asked Questions


A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital asset that can represent art, videos, in-game items and music. They’re bought as well as sold online, most frequently with cryptocurrency and they are generally developed using the same underlying software as many cryptos.

They’re not craps, they’re CRAPs’. Cybernetically ● Rendered ● Android ● Processors. Molds that are filled with the personality of the EtherShibas or EtherGorillas that data-dumped it. As EtherCrap they’re vulnerable with no cybernetic enhancements needing a gang of them to stay safe. Once they enter their metatoilets touching the water transforms them into one of the EtherGang with all the character traits from the previous Shibas or Gorillas that data-dumped.

By buying an ETHERCRAP NFT you’ll automatically be a part of the #CrapGang!

Join our discord, submit a ticket on our #Laxatives channel receiving extra early access whitelist as well as entering you to win a 3 ETH reward for inviting friends into the #CRAPGANG Discord.

Yes, we’ll be holding a presale only for whitelisted #CrapGang members 24 hours before our official public launch date. Please join our Discord to learn more about being a part of the exclusive giveaway of 5 ETH to one whitelisted #CrapGang member.

Mint EtherCRAP NFT directly on our website on the official Mint page.

Each Ethercrap NFT will cost 0.069 ETH.

A grand total of 10,000 EtherCRAP NFTs will only be sold. 

We will start pre-sale mint on March 27th, giving pre-sale holders early access for a week to play the game in advance making the official mint day on April 3rd.

We will have a max total of 100 for the team and all the partners involved in the project as well as 200 of them being reserved for competitions and giveaways.

After minting your EtherCRAP NFT you’ll be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet utilizing Opensea. If you have a meta mask wallet you can also view your NFT by adding the contract address and token ID’s into the collectables tab (METAMASK ONLY OFFERS THIS FEATURE FOR MOBILE USERS).

Yes, it will have multiple utilities. The first one allowing you to claim exclusive rewards for being part of the #CrapGang, with rewards growing in size depending on how long you’ve been an EtherCRAP holder. Secondly, have exclusive voting rights to which charitable organization the #CrapGang should donate to and more!

Most collections have crappy odds when it comes to their giveaways which is why 500 CRAP holders will be announced as winners of the 0.2ETH giveaway weeks after all 100% of the #CrapGang is minted, making the odds of you winning our giveaway greater than any other NFT collection.

On our website, the winners will have a decision which is to claim their reward or to reject it. Rejecting it will have them forfeit their reward and if everyone forfeits their reward a week later the reward is given to one random #CrapGang holder. The winner(s) will be able to claim their ETH gas-free if they use WYRE.

EtherCRAP’s rarity list will be released after the OpenSea listing.

We will have royalties at a 10% to have an amount to split for the community wallet and promoting the EtherCRAP community.

We will be having monthly dividends given to all EtherCRAP holders which will constitute 50% of the second-market royalties. A 10% which will accumulate for a year to be donated into a charitable organization that the community chooses in at the end of the year, making our yearly charity event. The remaining 40% will be invested 100% into our marketing.

Crap out of luck! 💩 You can't right click here anyways!